1 : Are there any provisions for students submitting abstract in ICECD from out side of Islamabad?

AIOU University provide student facility to submit abstract.

2 : What hotel should I stay at during the conference?

AIOU University provide list of hotels near to Conference Location.

3 : What should I wear?

For your comfort, business casual is appropriate. We suggest you dress in layers as the temperature in the meeting rooms can vary considerably.​

4 :  What happens if there is a schedule change?

At times it might be necessary to reschedule a conference after receipt of a confirmation letter. The ICECD administration will provide advance notice of any changes and in doing so will not be responsible for penalties related to the canceling or rescheduling of airfares, lodging, etc.​

5 : What if I change my mind?

We understand that times are uncertain due to COVID-19; which is why we are thinking about flexible and risk-free alternative option like online presentation, will be updated soon.

6 :  Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

If you have any concerns you would like addressed, please contact The ICECD’s Customer Relations team at: