Theme: “Education for future”


  1. Meta -Cognitive Skills
  2. Social and Emotional Skills
  3. Development of Industrial Skills for 2030
  4. Transformative education
  5. Education for sustainable Development
  6. STEM Education
  7. Health Education
  8. Environment Education
  9. Peace Education
  10. Education for Social Justice
  11. Gender Parity in Education
  12. Economics of Education
  13. Distance Education in Online mode
  14. Formal Education in Blended Mode
  15. E-leadership and Management in Education
  16. Technological Interventions in Education
  17. Preparing Children in Early Years for Digital Schooling
  18. Literacy and Adult Education
  19. Continuous and Life Long Education
  20. Education for Out of School Children
  21. Innovative Pedagogy and Andragogy
  22. Inclusive Education
  23. Learning Losses during COVID
  24. Revival of Education in Post COVID Era
  25. Student Affairs and Services
  26. Positive Disciplining in Education
  27. Multidisciplinary studies at Higher Education Level