Research has played a vital role across the globe in human development. During past many years a complaint has been voiced that the research is not contributing as significantly towards society as it contributes in science and technology. During past three years at ICRPE it has been highlighted time and again that impact of research must comprise the societal outputs for, societal use and benefits. Social impact of the research can bring positive changes in the society and society can reap the benefits of successful research studies only if the results are implemented accordingly. Various authors have been introduced social impact with different names and titles which refer to the societal impact of research: third stream activities, societal benefits, societal quality, usefulness, public values, knowledge transfer, and societal relevance. What most of these names are concerned with is the impact of research on society. The larger goal of 4th ICRPE is to bring scholars and researchers of education to one platform for sharing their scholarly work and looking closely at its role in a positive change in society. This conference would serve as a platform for them to review the research practices in various parts of the world and realize how it improves societal phenomenon. Multiple modes of presentation and discussion will open up ways to look at the research and practices with different lens.


  1. Bring together the eminent researchers and speakers to share their studies and practices.
  2. Highlight the social impact of research and practices in education.
  3. Explore the way forward for implementing the positive changes suggested by the scholars and speakers

Sub themes include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Value Based Education
  2. Behavior Change Communication
  3. Civic Responsibility & Citizenship
  4. Continuing Education through Connectivism
  5. Diversity & Inclusion
  6. Global Peace & Harmony
  7. Innovation/Invention in Education
  8. Sociological Perspectives of Education
  9. Science Education & Society
  10. Economic Value of Education
  11. Knowledge Creation
  12. Creativity in Education
  13. Experiential Learning
  14. Community Mobilization for Education
  15. Educational Planning and Policy Analysis
  16. Health Awareness and Consciousness
  17. Environment Education
  18. Safety and security
  19. Role of NGOs in Societal Development
  20. Social intervention projects

NOTE: Any other  research area which is not listed above may please be mentioned in the Abstract  Submission form by the author.

Abstract submission is open now for the following five formats of presentation

  1. Oral Paper with Multimedia Presentation
    1-2 presenters will be given 15 minutes to present in the parallel sessions
  2. Round Table Discussion
    1-2 presenters will be given 5-7 minutes to discuss in the round table session
  3. Panel Discussions
    3-5 presenters will have one submission and present together in 30 minutes
  4. Projects Exhibition
    Models and project outcomes will be exhibited during the conference. Specific hours will be mentioned in the program
  5. Poster Presentation
    Posters / Standies will be exhibited during the conference. Specific hours will be mentioned in the program
Please Note : Best papers, projects and presentations will be awarded and published in one of the eighteen journals published at AIOU