International Conference On Research And Practices In Education (February 24-25, 2017)


Esther Care PhD is a Senior Fellow with the Brookings Institution, Washington DC, and Professorial Fellow at the Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne. She is Director of the Assessment Curriculum and Technology Research Centre, funded by the Australian Government, which conducts large and small-scale research in the Philippines to inform that country's major K-12 education reform. The Centre's work emphasizes the dependencies across curriculum, assessment and pedagogy, and is designed to provide quick feedback to the government on the roll-out of the reforms. Esther works to promote effective assessment practices that inform both policy and classroom practice. With the increasing focus globally on the promotion of generic skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration, her research has focused on how to assess, teach, and incorporate these skills into the educational process. Leading the "Skills for a Changing World" project at Brookings, Esther draws together learning from countries' experiences as they integrate 21st century skills into their education policy and practice. Her particular focus is on building assessment capacity associated with 21st century skills, and exploring the challenges of measurement of these non-content based competencies. With a psychology background, Esther publishes widely in the fields of psycho-education, curriculum, and assessment.