Conference Brief

Collaboration is working together for common goals. Learning is the demonstration of understanding. When this happens within the context of community a culture of togetherness is established. This provides an opportunity of Individual and shared learning. Learning, which is based on conceptual understanding and the ability to apply the knowledge in a variety of contexts, is a primary goal within a Collaborative Learning Community. Collaborative learning communities help students learn the attitudes, knowledge and skills that benefit all in the community and community members become partners in facilitating and expanding the learning process.
Collaborative Learning Communities encompass the pathways and learning centers initiating from home and externalizing towards practices. Taken individually, each word synergizes to develop the culture of togetherness.

The objectives of 3rd ICRPE are to:

1. Share the researches carried out across the globe on the significance of collaborating communities in education.
2. Bring together the eminent researchers and speakers to share their studies and practices which highlight the role of collaborative learning communities in maximizing the potential of the students in any learning environment.
3. Highlight the practices of Collaborative Learning Communities which may become tools for innovation and creative pedagogy.
4. Explore the embedded linkages which can play crucial roles for collaboration of educational institutions and social and professional communities.
5. Connect and project the critical discussions and discourse to utilize the education for harmonization and effectiveness of communities to become the container of knowledge and relationships which are used to increase individual and collaborative strength.