International Conference On Research And Practices In Education (Feburary 2-3, 2016)

Education in the new millennium adopted new dimensions. The paradigm shift that had started in the mid of twentieth century not only overcome all old and traditional schools of thought but also added a lot more responsibility for the educators and specifically to the researchers in the field. Today we are standing on the edge of another shift from conventional to digital education. Schools in their real meanings are becoming open to all. A child from the age of as early as three, is learning through mobile apps and online learning tools.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is the first Open University in Asia. AIOU is a unique institution in Pakistan because of its philosophy, system, approach, functions and overall structure. We deliver distance education based upon programmed instruction and self learning model since beginning. Faculty of Education at AIOU takes the responsibility of developing programs and courses as well as organizing such events that may help educators rethink and re-engineer the current practices in education. Today when the doors are opening and bridging among institutions across the globe is getting easier and quicker, we urge to build stronger networks of professional communities of practice.

This conference invites all educators working and researching from Early Childhood Education to Higher Education level to present their work in various forms i.e. paper presentations, round table discussions, and poster presentations. Please be clear this conference is not confined to open distance learning only. We are inviting researchers from all modes of education. Proceedings of the conference will not only be included in an abstract book but also the best selected papers will be published in the conference book as well as in the journals of AIOU.

Major Goals Of The Conference

1. To bring closer the wider community of practice for educators around the world.
2. To share latest research findings within various themes and levels of education.
3. To highlight innovative methods and modes of researches around the world.
4. To initiate an analytical and critical discourse among the researchers and scholars of the field.
5. To identify the ways of connecting the learners and instructors through internet and build a safer environment of ubiquitous education.

Message From The Vice Chancellor Of AIOU

Prof. Dr. Shahid Siddiqui

First of all I welcome you all to the scenic campus of AIOU in the midst of Margalla Hills, Islamabad. ICRPE is going to be a unique experience for all of us in several ways. For the first time ever AIOU is hosting a conference that invites people from around the world to share their research and practices at almost every level of education. The major purpose of the conference is to provide researchers and practitioners a platform to present their recent work, and to interact with fellows in a global community of practice. As the world around us is becoming more and more digitalized, we see this conference as a forum to foresee what is the future of education in the coming decades as well. I take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts of Faculty of Education at AIOU in organizing such an exclusive conference and I can see this to become a tradition in the coming years.