Conference Brief

The major aim of 2nd ICRPE 2017 is to provide an opportunity to rethink about the educational impact in bringing social change. Education in the new world is being restructured with the emerging techniques, methods and computer applications. The paradigm shift that had started in the mid of twentieth century not only overcome all old and traditional schools of thought but also added a lot more responsibility for the educators and specifically to the researchers in the field. It is common perception that the education provided by the universities at present is not aligned with the community needs. The community and the universities are working in isolation this may be a stumbling block in bringing harmony in the society. This conference will focus to deliberate the possible community university linkages and practices. Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) having large number of prospective teachers across the country representing all sections of the community may have more potential to reach community. In this context the conference invites researchers, scholars and professionals across the globe from all fields of education and allied disciplines to present their work in various forms i.e. Oral paper presentations, round table discussions, and poster presentations. We are inviting researchers from all modes and levels of education. Proceedings of the conference will published and selected papers will go through blind peer review process for the publication in following AIOU Journals:

  • Pakistan Journal of Education
  • Pakistan Journal of Distance & Online Learning (PJDOL)
  • Journal of Contemporary Teacher education

Major Goals Of The Conference

1. To initiate an analytical and critical discourse among the researchers and scholars of the field that may lead to social change.
2. To provide opportunity to scholars across the globe for dissemination of their research work for addressing the social phenomenon.
3. To highlight innovative methods and modes of research around the world that focus social integration and consolidation.
4. To explore the practices of technology integration that may help to align the teaching learning context with the societal demands.
5. To project practices that may contribute towards inclusive society.